Race Weekends

2023 Racing Calendar

The FFR-FOR Racing Calendar is in preparation.

After the last race of 2022 at the Nürburgring the 2022 Championship is as follows:

The 2022 Champions:

The 2022 Champions int the FF 1600 Class: Klaus-Dieter Häckel 1st, Roel Mulder 2nd and Matthew Dean 3rd
The FF 2000 Champions of 2022: Philip Menzner 1st, Andreas Menzner 2nd and Onno Zuidema (not at Nürburgring) 3rd
The 2022 winners in the FF Zetec Class: Pascal Monbaron 1st, Henry Clausnitzer 2nd and Eric Heudicourt (not at Nürburgring) 3rd
And the 2022 Formula Opel Champions: Marvin Brandl 1st, Jochen Thissen 2nd and Alan Williamson 3rd