Great racing conditions for the FFR-FOR season start at St. Paul Historic Zandvoort Trophy 2024

Zandvoort (Netherlands), Achel (Belgium), 22 May 2024 – A somewhat delayed start of the 2024 racing season for the FFR-FOR, but one that benefitted from excellent racing conditions at the Zandvoort Formula 1 track for the St. Paul Historic Trophy. Also thanks to a large delegation from Denmark, there was a lot of action on the track.

The weekend opened with a free training session on Friday evening, an opportunity that most FFR-FOR drivers used to familiarize themselves again with the track and finetune the setup of their cars. Unfortunately it also delayed the debut of François Claijs in his Formula Ford 2000, as a faulty oil pump caused his engine to seize and he wasn’t able to participate in the qualifying sessions or races, while also Armin Bohn dropped out before the actual race.  

After two qualifying sessions on Saturday morning and early afternoon, it was time for Race 1 in the late afternoon. The Formula Opels from Ralf Goral (#9) and Jochen Thissen (#28) led the race from the start, with Philip Menzner (#6, FF2000), Alan Williamson (#60, FOL) and Andreas Menzner (#8, FF2000) in pursuit. They were closely followed by Onno Zuidema (#69, FF2000) who pushed really hard to catch up, but unfortunately ended up in the  tyre stacks after a pebble from the gravel pit got stuck under his accelerator and he wasn’t able to brake enough when turning. That led to a safety car situation with whole field coming together. After the green light was given it was  again Ralf Goral, Jochen Thissen and Philipp Menzer up front until the checkered flag, while Roel Mulder (#22) led the FF1600 pack unchallenged.

The start of Race 1. Several cars were given a 5 seconds penalty for not correctly going through the starting boxes.

However, the race director gave a 5 second penalty to Goral, Philipp Menzner, Alan Williamson and Roel Mulder for not starting through the starting boxes. As a result it was Jochen Thissen who ended first, before Goral and Willamson in the FOL class, Andreas Menzner and Henk van der Spoel finishing first and second in the FF2000 class before Philipp Menzner, while Carly Meskes (1st) and Leon den Hollander (2nd) ended before Roel Mulder.

The leaders in both races, Ralf Goral (#9), Jochen Thissen (#28) and Philipp Menzner (#6)

Race 2 on Sunday pretty much mimicked Race 1, until Carly Mulder touched FF1600 leader Roel Mulder and crashed into the tyre stacks. This led to another safety car situation. After the restart it were Ralf Goral and Jochen Thissen out front in their Formula Opels, with Alan Williamson finished third in the FOL class. In the FF2000 Philipp Menzer finished before his father Andreas, with Brian Steen from Denmark (#26) taking third place, followed by Henk van der Spoel, Hans Meskes, Peter Krogh, Lars Clasen and Bob Scanlon. Leon Den Hollander (#30) beat Roel Mulder to win the FF1600.

Roel Mulder (#22) leading the small pack of FF1600 cars.

That concluded another great racing weekend from the FFR-FOR. Next stop is the Nürburgring, in the weekend from 28 to 30 June.

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